Melody Drive-In Theater Opens This Weekend

Grab some buddies and a few blankets; the Melody Drive-In Theater is set to open Friday, March 22! Drive-In Owner Fred Heise was in WKVI for an interview with morning host Tom Berg, and Heise explained that the theater will be opening for the season on Friday with their all-new digital equipment.

“Set your dates for this Friday, we are going to be open this Friday, and we’re going to be displaying our brand-new, all-new digital format – beautiful picture, so we’re all really looking forward to it,” Heise said.

During the theater’s off-season, they ditched their antiquated projectors and brought in new equipment for a brighter, clearer screen, better picture, and improved sound quality as well. This weekend, the theater kicks off their season with an animated movie on screen one, The Croods, rated PG, and PG-rated Parental Guidance as well. On screen two, the theater will be showing Snitch, rated PG-13, and Identity Thief, rated R.

The movies start at 7:20 p.m. CT, and Heise said the animated movie will really give moviegoers a taste of what the new equipment can do.

“We know that with The Croods on screen it’s going to really show off the brilliance of our new digital equipment we have there,” said Heise.

The drive-in will only be open during weekends until around May, but Heise said they have a lot of movies coming this summer that they’re really looking forward to. Heise said he’s excited for Iron Man 3, Star Trek, World War Z, and Man of Steel, as well as his personal favorite upcoming movie: The Lone Ranger.

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