Monterey Bridge Project Getting Underway

Traffic signs are now being placed along the areas that will be affected by the Monterey Bridge 291 project to alert travelers of the impending construction of a new bridge on County Road 625 East in Pulaski County.

That was one of the first actions to take place in the Monterey Bridge project. LaPorte Construction Company will be constructing a new bridge directly next to the current bridge to allow for safer travel. The next item on the list of pre-construction plans includes an asbestos abatement which will be completed tomorrow.

Jeff Larrison of United Consulting indicated that the right of way will be cleared of brush and other obstructions on Monday, March 18 and an erosion control study will be conducted beginning April 1 that will continue for two weeks. Assuming all dates are on time, demolition of a building and a house to make way for the bridge construction will be done the first couple of weeks in April and the first phase of the construction will begin the first part of April. The project is expected to conclude in October.

Larrison said the old bridge will be open throughout most of the project, but will be closed for a limited amount of time as the project progresses. The new bridge will be partially accessible to allow emergency traffic through only during a time in July.