No Reports of Pushy Door-to-Door Salesmen Lately; Police Still on Toes

It’s been just over a week since the Starke County Sheriff’s Department received any reports of suspicious door-to-door salespeople in the area, but police are still on notice to issue citations to any unpermitted transient merchants.

Starke County Deputy Brack Rowe previously told WKVI that police had located a white van that had been reportedly traveling around the area and stopping at various homes, where the occupants of the van would address the homeowners and attempt to sell vacuums or other items. Officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and located two male subjects, who were told that in order to sell items door-to-door, they must obtain a permit from the auditor’s office. The men were sent to the auditor’s office to obtain the permits, but when they learned of the process and fees, they decided not to proceed with obtaining a permit.

As a result, Starke County Deputy Brack Rowe said officers have been advised that no one is registered through the auditor’s office for a Transient Merchant Permit, and they will be issuing citations to anyone selling items door-to-door. He encourages all residents to notify police immediately if a salesperson approaches their home in a suspicious manner.

Detective Ken Pfost said that while it has been more than a week since the last reported incident, police are still on their toes. He said if a report is received of a merchant traveling door-to-door and acting more aggressive than necessary, police will travel to the location, attempt to locate the merchants, and issue a citation.