North Judson Town Council Approves Purchases for Waste Water Treatment Plant

The North Judson Town Council last week approved two purchase orders from Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann for the waste water treatment plant. Horstmann told the council that the chlorine and sulfur feeders needed to be replaced at the plant, and he also requested the purchase of chlorine and sulfur cylinders.

The purchase orders came out to $115 each for 16 cylinders of chlorine and $129 each for nine cylinders of sulfur, for a total of $3001. The council unanimously approved the purchases.

Horstmann also told the council that the chlorine and sulfur feeders, which are used to adjust the feed rate going to the contact and final tanks at the plant, needed to be rebuilt. Unfortunately, the company that has worked on the plant since it was built, B.L. Anderson, explained that the feeders are obsolete and the required parts are no longer available. As a result, Horstmann presented a purchase order for two new feeders at a cost of $2735 each, and said that the feeders would allow them to once again adjust the feed rates.

Unfortunately, Horstmann was unable to obtain other quotes, as he said he had contact other companies but they either never responded or canceled the appointments. Regardless, the council unanimously approved the purchase order for $5470.