Pat Smith Retiring Today from Pulaski Memorial Hospital

Pulaski Memorial Hospital
Pulaski Memorial Hospital
After almost 25 years, the director of media marketing for Pulaski Memorial Hospital is retiring today.

Pat Smith has not only held the role of director of media marketing; she has also been the director of volunteer services and the director of the volunteer chaplain’s program.

“I’ve had a lot of opportunities through the years to work with really, really, really great people,” said Smith.

She doesn’t have any specific plans for her retirement, but does plan on doing more research on her family genealogy. She is going to take away plenty of great memories from Pulaski Memorial Hospital with her.

“I’ve loved the hospital and I’ve loved the people that I work with. It’s been easy to do my job because it’s easy to talk about and write about and promote something and some place that you really love,” she said.

One of her first jobs with PMH was to engage in radio advertising and the hospital remains an advertiser at WKVI today.

There has been no word of who will replace Smith, but she is leaving big shoes to fill at Pulaski Memorial Hospital.