Reserve Your Spot on WKVI’s Mississippi Riverboat Adventure!

News Contributor, Ed Hasnerl
Ed Hasnerl
It’s been a long winter and you’ve probably got cabin fever. Ed Hasnerl has the cure for that – a Mississippi Riverboat Adventure June 3–6!

“We drive out in our Cardinal bus to LaClaire, Iowa,” explained Hasnerl. “We go from LaClaire to Dubuque, Iowa on a riverboat and it’s an all-day trip. Once we get there, we stay at the Grand Harbor Resort Hotel overnight and visit all of the things in Dubuque. There are great museums there. The Mississippi River Museum is there. Then, we get back on the boat back and come back down to LaClaire on our second day.”

You will also be making a stop in Galena, Illinois.

“Galena, Illinois is the hometown of President U.S. Grant. We’re going to have dinner at the Desoto Historic Hotel where Abraham Lincoln once slept. It’s all been restored,” said Hasnerl.

There are many more stops and things to see and do along the way.

To reserve your spot on this historic trip, call us at (574) 772-6241 and we’ll send information to you in the mail.