Several Presentations Made to Eastern Pulaski School Board

eastern pulaski kindergarten reading

The Eastern Pulaski School Board members welcomed seven special guests to their meeting on Monday morning. Kindergarten students read a short story to each of the school board members to begin the presentation part of the school board meeting.

Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman emphasized that the students have come a long way from the beginning of the school year in their reading abilities and wanted to share that progress with the board. President Michael Tetzloff commented that the teachers and the kids are doing a great job and it was a highlight of the meeting.

eastern pulaski kindergarten reading 2

In other presentations to the board, Katie Budd talked of her entry into the Science Symposium at St. Mary’s of the Woods. She was invited to participate in the symposium and was one of 85 students who participated. She placed fourth out of 85 students on her project. She worked with a forensic anthropologist during her time at the symposium.

The robotics team also held a demonstration on their robots. The team has participated in six tournaments and have placed high in all of the tournaments.