Snow keeps state troopers busy

State troopers throughout the Lowell district, which includes most of the WKVI listening area, were out in force yesterday. Snow started falling around lunchtime and continued into the evening hours. During that time and until 8 this morning they worked 63 property damage crashes and seven personal injury wrecks, none of which were life-threatening. They also responded to 61 slide-offs and numerous assisting motorist calls. Those numbers are for the entire Lowell District, which includes areas north and west of here.

Troopers remind motorists to drive according to road conditions, allow plenty of extra time to get to your destination and clear all of your vehicle’s windows of ice and snow. Also be sure to clean off your hood, roof, headlights and tail lights. Keep in mind bridges and overpasses freeze over before roadways. Don’t use cruise control on slick roads. Avoid abrupt stops and starts. Instead, slow down gradually and keep wheels turning to avoid losing traction. Use your headlights, even during daylight hours, increase the following distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, and decrease your speed according to the road conditions.

Also, make sure you have a charged cell phone in your vehicle, and never text while driving. Also be sure to move over and/or slow down for emergency vehicles. For Indiana road conditions call 1- 800-261-7623, or visit the Indiana Department of Transportation website at Please do not call dispatch centers for road conditions.