Starke Commissioners Accept Sidewalk Repair Quote

In an effort to avoid a potential accident and lawsuit for the county, the Starke County Commisioners recently approved a quote to repair the concrete steps on the south side of the county annex building and repair a section of the sidewalk near the meeting room. Courthouse custodian James Coad told the commissioners that the steps on the south side are “falling apart,” and said that a 5-foot-by-5-foot section of sidewalk outside the meeting room door has sunk down, creating a tripping hazard.

In a proactive effort to avoid a potential lawsuit, Coad made several phone calls to various companies requesting quotes to repair the sidewalk and steps. The bid specs include completely tearing out the old steps and repairing the small section of sidewalk, and the company would also re-install handrails.

Coad received five quotes from various companies: Brian Allen Masonry quoted $2250; Ed Filip Concrete came in at $2500; Pete Kuchel Concrete, $2688; Claude Tunis Masonry, $4050; and Jeremy Crittendon Custom Concrete and Construction turned in a quote for $4500.

The county currently holds more than $96,000 in the Cumulative Capital Fund, and the commissioners made a motion to approve the bid from Brian Allen for $2250 to be paid for out of that fund.