UV Bulb Purchase Approved by Knox BOW

Knox Board of Public Works
Knox Board of Public Works

The Knox Board of Public Works approved an expenditure of $5,528 for the Waste Water Treatment Facility.

Superintendent Kelly Clemons explained that the UV lights at the plant have run about 13,395 hours and the warranty on the lights is good for 20,000 hours. She is looking to buy bulbs to have on hand when those lights need to be replaced.

April 1 is the start of the disinfecting season and the UV lights help kill certain bacteria that is present during the sanitation process. The lights are needed in order to be in compliance with standards set forth by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

The Board of Works approved the purchase of 16 bulbs at $333 apiece, plus shipping and handling, for a total cost of $5,528. When the new bulbs are installed, the company will come to Knox and pick up the old bulbs for recycling purposes.