Contract with Maximus Consulting Approved by Marshall County Commissioners

The Marshall County Commissioners approved a request from Judge Curt Palmer to enter into a contract in order to gather more money for the General Fund.

Palmer requested that the court enter into an agreement with Maximus Consulting in order to help prepare claims and collect child support through the IV-D Child Support Program. Palmer explained to the commissioners that money collected for child support comes in and is divided between the prosecutor’s office, the clerk’s office and the general fund. If they work with Maximus Consulting, it could boost money for the general fund that could amount up to $40,000.

The cost of the contract would be $200 a month. Only one claim per month would be given to the company as they charge per claim.

Twenty-three counties use this service and Palmer contends it has been successful for those who contract with Maximus Consulting.

The commissioners approved his proposal. Palmer added that he would like to use any profit to improve handicapped accessibility in his circuit courtroom.