Cops Find Meth Lab Across from Plymouth Police Department, Four Arrested


Officers from the Marshall County Police Department reportedly found multiple meth labs inside a duplex catty-corner from the Plymouth Police station while trying to serve a warrant yesterday. They were originally looking for James Corbett at 308 West Washington Street, and were told he was inside the home when they knocked on the door. They were invited in by the people who answered the door and saw narcotics in plain view, according to the police report. A search turned up multiple meth labs, precursors and drug paraphernalia. Corbett, 35, and his wife, Krista Corbett, 30, face A felony charges of manufacturing meth within 1,000 feet of a public housing unit, as does Nathaniel White, 26. Richard Milton, 42, was arrested for visiting a common nuisance. The Indiana State Police were called in to assist with the cleanup.