Deadline Today to Sign Up for Mississippi Riverboat Adventure

News Contributor, Ed Hasnerl
Ed Hasnerl

The deadline has arrived to reserve your spot for Ed Hasnerl’s upcoming Mississippi Riverboat Adventure, so if you’re interested in joining Hasnerl for a trip to LaClaire, Iowa; Dubuque; and Galena, Ill., today’s your last chance to sign up.

Join him June 3-6 for a trip via Cardinal bus to LaClaire, Iowa where you will board a riverboat for a day trip to Dubuque. Travelers will spend the night at the Grand Harbor Resort Hotel and visit many of the city’s attractions, including the Mississippi Riverboat Museum.

The trip also includes a stop in Galena, Ill., a location that is sure to appeal to history buffs, as it is President Ulysses S. Grant’s hometown. Dinner in Galena will be enjoyed at the restored Desoto Historic Hotel where Abraham Lincoln once slept. These are just a few of the stops and attractions along the way. Give WKVI a call at (574) 772-6241 to reserve your spot on this historic trip, and we’ll mail you a packet of information.