H&R Block Offers Tax Extension Tips


The deadline to file your taxes is coming up, but H&R Block is coming to the aid of those who abhor deadlines. All participating H&R Block locations and At Home online are offering free tax extension filing through the April 15 tax filing deadline – but don’t think an extension to file means an extension to pay. Even if you’ve filed a tax return extension, you still have to pay taxes owed.

H&R Block is also providing additional information online for late-season filers in its Extension Resource Center, a one-stop resource for information about filing an extension including how to pay taxes due using a credit or debit card.

Kathy Pickering, executive director of the Tax Institute at H&R Block, said rushing to file can mean missing out on tax breaks that would otherwise save you money. Filing an extension allows taxpayers to seek assistance in claiming all the tax credits and deductions due.

On average, more than 10 million taxpayers applied for a tax filing extension each of the past few years. This gave them time to file accurate returns and avoid the five percent monthly failure-to file-penalty. This extension gives taxpayers an extra six months to file a tax return, making the new filing deadline Oct. 15. H&R Block can help taxpayers understand their payment options if there is a balance due.

This year, the IRS is allowing late-payment penalty relief to some who request an extension to file. To get this relief, the taxpayer also must be filing one of the delayed IRS forms resulting from tax legislation passed in January. Additionally, taxpayers must pay their “good faith” estimate of their tax bill by April 15. The IRS will waive any late-payment penalties applied to the taxpayer’s balance due if these guidelines are followed. Interest still applies to the unpaid balance.

For more information about applying for a free tax extension at an H&R Block office, visit www.hrblock.com or call 800-HRBLOCK.