INDOT Begins Work on Spring Cleaning Highways

The weather is warming up and spring is here, and everyone knows what that means: it’s time for spring cleaning, and INDOT knows that just as well as anybody as they jump in on the action with their Annual Trash Bash April 6-28. The snow plows have barely been off the road for a week, and now workers are focusing their efforts on patching potholes and cleaning litter from along highways throughout the state.

To help with the cleanup, INDOT has recruited crews from the Indiana Department of Corrections and Adopt-A-Highway to assist with the removal of hundreds of tons of rubbish and debris from the roadway edges in time for spring each year.

DOC Commissioner Bruce Lemmon said cleaning up Hoosier highways is one of several ways offenders can give back to the community and turn doing hard time into doing good. He said working with INDOT to help spruce up the state is one of his agency’s favorite activities.

INDOT encourages all Hoosiers to help keep your highways clean by following these simple tips: don’t litter, be responsible and carry a litter bag in your car, report areas where people have illegally dumped garbage, and participate in Adopt-A-Highway, Sponsor-A-Highway or other highway beautification efforts.