Iota Xi Annoucnes Celebrating the Arts Winners

Celebrating the ArtsIota Xi, Winamac’s chapter of Psi Iota Xi Sorority, hosted “Celebrating the Arts” on April 6, 2013. The art exhibition and contest had nearly 100 entries – thanks to all young artists who submitted pieces from Eastern Pulaski Elementary School, Eastern Pulaski High School, Caston Middle School, West Central Elementary School and West Central High School. Our community is truly enriched by your talent!

Award winners were:

High school – Painting

1st place – Sydney Cole, 11th grade, West Central

2nd place – Tyler Nedze, 12th grade, West Central

3rd place – Lazan Wuethrich, 12th grade, EPES

Honorable Mention – Rebecca Semrau, 10th grade, West Central

Honorable Mention – Taylor Redelman, 12th grade, West Central

High School – Drawing

1st place – Mikayla Young, 10th grade, West Central

2nd place – Jacquie Frye, 10th grade, West Central

3rd place – Jacquie Frye, 10th grade, West Central

Honorable Mention – Dakota Rogers, 11th grade, EPES

Honorable Mention – Ashley Braasch, 11th grade, EPES

Honorable Mention – Hadassan Vargas, 12th grade, EPES

High School – Sculpture

1st place – Cali Fairchild, 11th grade, West Central

2nd place – Jackie Wettstein,  9th grade, West Central

3rd place – Alex Tauber, 9th grade, West Central

Elementary 3-5 – Painting

1st place – Cassady Sobczak, 4th grade, EPES

2nd place – Danielle Ayers, 3rd grade, EPES

3rd Place – Ellie Cook, 3rd grade, EPES

Elementary 6-8 – Painting

1st place – Lauren Moss, 6th grade, Caston

2nd place – Adriana Smith, 7th grade, Caston

3rd Place – Adriana Smith, 7th grade, Caston

Elementary K-2 – Drawing

1st place – Aidan Smith, 1st grade, EPES

2nd place – Jewel Couner, 2nd grade, EPES

3rd Place – Jasman Vlach, 2nd grade, West Central

Elementary 3-5 – Drawing

1st place – Wendy Salazar, 3rd grade, West Central

2nd place – Valarie Field, 4th grade, EPES

3rd Place – Julian Luzaddem, 3rd grade, West Central

Elementary 3-5 – Photography

1st place – Angel Earles, 5th grade, EPES