IRS Tax Filing Deadline Monday – Double-Check Tax Returns!


With just three days until the IRS tax filing deadline, the IRS is reminding taxpayers to review their tax returns for some of the more common errors that could potentially delay the processing of their returns.

The IRS encourages filers to file electronically, whether through e-file or IRS Free File, to vastly reduce the risk of tax return errors. The tax software performs the calculations, flags common errors, and prompts the taxpayer for missing information. Best of all, there are free options available for everyone.

For those filing a paper return, ensure you mail it to the right address; paper filers should check the appropriate address where to file at or their form instructions to avoid processing delays. Be sure to file in all requested information clearly; when entering information on the tax return, including Social Security numbers, take the time to be sure it is correct and easy to read.

Double-check the tax tables – when figuring tax using the tables, taxpayers should be sure to use the correct column for the filing status claimed. Review all other figures as well; while software tends to catch and prevent many errors, math errors are still prevalent on paper returns.

If requesting direct deposit of a federal refund, be sure to get the right routing and account numbers. Incorrect numbers can cause a refund to be delayed, or worse, deposited into the wrong account.

Finally, attach all required forms. Paper filers need to attach W-2s and other forms that reflect tax withholding, to the front of their returns. If requesting a payment agreement with the IRS, also attach Form 9465 or Form 9465-FS to the front of the return. Attach all other necessary schedules and forms in sequence number order shown in the upper right-hand corner.