Knox Board of Public Works Discusses Drug Testing

Knox Board of Public Works
Knox Board of Public Works

The Knox Board of Public Works is attempting to reduce the number of required drug tests that need to be conducted on city employees.

Mayor Rick Chambers asked the department heads to provide job descriptions for their employees to determine those who are required to be drug tested. The only employees that need to be tested are CDL license holders and there are only handful that work for the city.

Mayor Chambers noted that it’s expensive to conduct these tests and if only the required employees need to be tested, it would save the city money. They would include the amended drug test requirements in the employee handbook.

However, there would be extenuating circumstances. If a supervisor has probable cause and suspects an employee is impaired while on the job, a test can be ordered. A drug test will also be conducted if an employee is involved in an accident while in a city vehicle or on city time.

The board did not act on the discussion and further talks on the subject will be held in future meetings.