Knox BOW Approves Water Refund for JW Hicks

Knox Board of Public Works
Knox Board of Public Works

The Knox Board of Public Works discussed a billing issue with JW Hicks during their meeting last week.

Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston explained that a computer glitch created a problem in recognizing the correct water usage at the factory in the Industrial Park. The company had expanded its business a few months ago and an estimated usage was calculated as it wasn’t known how many gallons would be used. It was later learned that the average amount used was around 27,000 gallons.

The meters were read with the water department’s hand-held meter reading system, but when it was put into the computer, the reading measured 270,000 gallons of water used when the estimated usage was 27,000. The business was overcharged for several months before the glitch was found. After all was figured, the company was overcharged $5,571.80.

The board members approved a motion to refund JW Hicks that amount he was overcharged.

Water Superintendent Todd Garner said this is the only problem he has had with any type of glitches when reading meters with the hand-held meter reading system.