Marshall County Commissioners Approve GIS Data Request

Culver Town Manager, David Schoeff, went before the Marshall County Commissioners Monday morning to request the use of GIS data in the Town of Culver’s compilation of a comprehensive plan.

Houseal-Lavigne of Chicago is working with the town to develop the plan and the data needed includes parcel information. GIS data for the parcels inside town limits and the two-mile jurisdiction are requested along with some county data.

Schoeff told the commissioners that Houseal-Lavigne understands the fees and rules that go along with acquiring the data. The commissioners stated that a signed agreement must be filed before any data would be released. That is expected to be filed in the Auditor’s office yet this week.

Schoeff invited the commissioners to a public meeting that is scheduled for April 22 that is geared toward gathering public input for the comprehensive plan. A draft of the comprehensive plan may be ready by fall.