Marshall County Officials Prepare for Potential Flooding

Watch for signs like these in the area in the next few days
Watch for signs like these in the area in the next few days

Marshall County Emergency Management Agency Director Clyde Avery and Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter are preparing for potential flooding issues in Marshall County and in Plymouth.

Avery told WKVI that they are preparing to monitor several areas for flooding in low-lying areas, agriculture areas and in residential areas. Avery encourages you to take all precautions necessary for potential flooding, whether that be moving to higher ground or sandbagging. Sand and sand bags are available at the old EMA office north of the highway department.

The National Weather Service in Northern Indiana has issued a flood warning for the Yellow River at Plymouth from Friday evening to late Monday night. Avery said the flood stage is 13 feet and forecasters are predicting that the Yellow River could crest at 14.5 feet by Saturday.

Mayor Senter and Avery are working with the street departments to watch for standing water in the streets and high water areas. Those areas will be identified for drivers. Do not pass through an area where water has ponded as it could be deeper than you think. You could encounter a dangerous situation if ignored.

If you need help during the next few days, EMA Director Clyde Avery encourages you to call the non-emergency number at the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department at 936-3187 or his office at 936-3740.