Moderate Flooding Expected for Starke County

Ted Bombagetti
Ted Bombagetti

Flooding from the recent rainfall shouldn’t be too big of a problem in Starke County. Emergency Management Agency Director Ted Bombagetti expects the Kankakee River to crest sometime today.

“It shouldn’t go more than into the moderate level, which probably will affect some of the state park area out there on 8 and 39 and maybe some agricultural property. The Yellow River here in Knox we’re looking at sometime Monday, and it’s only expected to go into the minor. I don’t expect anything to happen there.”

One road in Starke County is closed due to flooding. It’s 900 East between 550 South and 625 South in the North Bend Township area.

Bombagetti notes the water level was still relatively low after last year’s drought. He says this rain will help both the farmers and the local tourism industry. Last summer Bass Lake was so low people had trouble getting their boats in and out of the water.