National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week April 14-20

This week is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.

Telecommunicators are more often known as emergency dispatchers. They are the first person you talk to in the case of an emergency. They are the unsung heroes of public safety; in one second, a dispatcher may be relaying license and registration information to an officer and the next second that dispatcher may be signaling fire, EMS and police to the scene of an accident or coordinating communication for a high speed pursuit.

This week is set aside to thank all of the dispatchers for their hard work and dedication to the safety of the public.

Our local dispatchers at the Starke, Pulaski, LaPorte, and Marshall County sheriff’s departments receive many hours of training to handle all 911 calls and other emergency situations.

We hope to speak to some of our local dispatchers this week to get an inside look into what they deal with on a daily basis.