North Judson Fire Chief Urges Caution Against Brush Fires


The North Judson Town Board this week heard from Fire Chief Joe Leszek, who informed the board that most of the fires that the department has been dealing with lately have been brush fires, and he is emphasizing the need for caution this time of year because of how dry the environment is. Dry leaves and brush can easily ignite, and Leszek is urging residents to err on the side of caution when dealing with anything flammable outside.

Leszek also told the board that the department has begun performing a new service for the town. Members of the fire department, Leszek said, will tour a business and go through the facility with the business owner or a manager in an effort to identify items that are potentially flammable, areas that are at risk of ignition, and the locations of their electrical boxes and other equipment. He said the department will also draw up a building layout with the purpose of informing employees, in case the electric goes out, of the location of where the electrical supply or other equipment can be found.

Leszek said the goal of this new service is to allow a business to limit the potential damage from a fire, and they’ve already performed this service for the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum, with two more tours scheduled for businesses in town. He said the department is willing to do this for any North Judson business that is interested in a preventative measure.