North Judson Highland Cemetery Rules and Regulations Signs Installed


The North Judson Highland Cemetery now has two new aluminum signs in replacement of the older wooden sign that Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry said had become dilapidated and disintegrated over the years. The town board had previously signed off on a quote of $860 for two new signs, one of which was posted at the main entrance while the smaller sign has been posted at the secondary entrance on the east side.

Henry explained that the larger sign highlights the recently amended cemetery rules and regulations while the smaller sign directs visitors to the main entrance sign – that way, Henry said, whichever way visitors enter, they know the rules are in place.

The board last month approved an amendment to the ordinance detailing the rules and regulations in the cemetery and clarified what flags are allowed or prohibited: marking flags are not allowed, but American flags or other decorative flags are allowed within 12 inches of the foundation.

Henry said the new signs are aluminum signs on wooden posts with large, black lettering that are sure to be noticed.