North Judson Town Board Discusses Yard Sale Ordinance

The North Judson Town Board this week reviewed an ordinance regulating yard sales, and Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry said the new ordinance is basically a combination of the old ordinance with the one currently in the codification book. She said the board took the ordinance for review and they hope to have it up to date within the next month at the most.

Henry explained that the old ordinance, previous to the one currently in the codification books, had a provision regarding unauthorized signs that people tend to put up advertising their yard sale, but when the codification was complete that provision had been dropped. Henry said that was likely in error and the board now wants that provision to be put back in the ordinance, which would allow only four authorized signs provided by the town to be placed around the town.

Henry said the ordinance also clarifies whether or not residents are allowed to host flea markets on their property; she said flea markets are allowed but they must follow all provisions in the ordinance.

Fees for yard sales range from $10 for sales lasting one to two days and $17 dollars for three- to four-day sales. Henry said only two sales are allowed within a 90-day period but not for more than four days at a time.

The ordinance will likely undergo its first reading by the board on May 6 or at the following meeting on May 20.