Plymouth Board of Works Approves Vehicle Purchases

The lone quote for a truck chassis and body for the Plymouth Waste Water Department is well under budget. Oliver Ford bid $52,685 for a single axle truck with the tool box and a hoist to raise lift stations. Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson told the Plymouth Board of Works he had budgeted $58,000 for this year’s vehicle.
The board also ratified the award of quotes for three new police vehicles. The Plymouth Police Department will purchase a Dodge Charger from County Auto for $20,357 and two all-wheel drive Ford Interceptors from Oliver Ford for a total of $45,397. The total cost for all three vehicles is nearly $2,000 less than Police Chief Dave Bacon has budgeted this year.
A former 1999 Ford Crown Victoria police car will be traded in to offset the cost of the new cop cars. It’s currently being used by the Plymouth Board of Aviation and will be replaced by a 2006 unmarked Ford Taurus Police Department vehicle that was designated as surplus by the board.