Plymouth Public Library Offers “Cans for Fines” Program


Next week is National Library Week, and in light of that, the Plymouth Public Library is once again allowing patrons to donate canned goods to pay off late return penalties – an event they hold each year, typically bringing in several grocery carts full of food to donate to the Marshall County Neighborhood Center. Neighborhood Center Director Sara Hill said the drive is taking place at a great time, too, as food donations tend to slow down during the summer months.

While the donations tend to slow this time of year, more clients need food during the summertime because children are out of school and no longer receive the school-provided lunch, which could mean the loss of two meals a day. Hill explained that during April and May and further into summer, the center sees a steady increase of clients: working parents with more than a couple of kids who may struggle to get by as food security declines throughout the year.

Library Director Susie Reinholt said the library has been offering the cans for fines program for more than 10 years, and it’s worked out rather well. The drive gives patrons the opportunity to lessen their fees and donate to a worthy cause at the same time. The library is currently only accepting can donations, though in the past, the library used to encourage the donation of all kinds of non-perishable foods.

Can donations can be brought to the front desk to allow library staff to total them and tally up account credits. Other events held by the library during National Library Week include free DVD rentals that would otherwise cost $1 each and free library card replacement.