Spring Turkey Hunting Season Opens April 24


The Turkey Tracks event begins next week, which Indiana Conservation Officer Keith Wildeman says is two days after the start of the spring turkey hunting season.

“The regular season will start Wednesday, April 24 and run two-and-a-half weeks to May 12,” said Wildeman. “The bag limit for the spring season is one bearded or male turkey. Hens can sometimes have beards too which makes them legal.”

Wildeman reminds you that you need to have permission to hunt on private property and on state property.

“If you’re hunting state grounds, make sure you check with the property manager and know the extra rules and regulations that the properties may have.”

You need to be properly licensed in order to go turkey hunting.

“For those who are hunting turkeys, you are required to have a spring turkey license, game bird habitat stamp. If you have a lifetime comprehensive hunting license, that will cover it. If you meet the landowner exemption, you may be exempt from a license. There are specifics on that. You need to check the regulations to make sure you meet those qualifications.”

Non-resident hunters also need to have a license.

Shotguns, bows and crossbows are legal to hunt turkeys in the spring turkey hunt.

Safety is also a priority out in the field.

“We’re not necessarily wearing hunter orange as hunters are only camouflaged and calling. It’s always good advice to not stalk a bird that you hear calling. It could be another hunter in the field. Make sure that you properly identify your target and beyond because out there common turkey hunters are using
decoys and if a hunter is concealed in the woods in camouflage it’s possible you could confuse the decoys with a live bird. We don’t want another hunter shot. The best course of action is to clearly identify yourself through voice. Don’t make any sudden movements.”

You need to also check in a harvested turkey at any check station or you may register that bird online on the DNR’s website. For more hunting regulations click here.