Starke County Courthouse History Video to Be Presented at Library

Starke County Courthouse
Starke County Courthouse
While the majority of Starke County residents have at least visited the county courthouse at some point, most of them don’t know just how interesting a lot of its history can be. Starke County Historian Ed Hasnerl visited Tom Berg in the WKVI Studio this week to spread the word about the upcoming presentation at the Henry F. Schricker Public Library detailing the interesting items and history of the Starke County Courthouse.

Hasnerl said the presentation will be held on April 18 as part of National Library Week April 14–20 at the library, where a video will be shown with loads of information and history. Hasnerl said that even those who visit the courthouse on a regular basis are surprised by some of the things they’ve learned from the video.

“I had the pleasure of narrating it, but lots of information there. I’ve had people tell me who’ve worked in the courthouse for 20 years, said they’d never seen some of the things that Jim Shilling has videotaped close-up – the gargoyles, you can’t see them from ground level, he’s got them right close-up,” Hasnerl said.

He said some of the interesting information presented in the video includes the background of the cannon on the courthouse lawn and paintings in the courthouse and two Historical Society members will even bring in some items that are more than 100 years old.

“Ron and Jim – Ron Vendl and Jim Shilling from the Historical Society – are going to bring in some items from the 1987 time capsule in the courthouse cornerstone that was opened in 1997 when we re-dedicated the courthouse. So they’re going to show you some things that were put in there 116 years ago,” said Hasnerl.

The presentation will take place Thursday, April 18 at the Henry F. Schricker Public Library. Hasnerl said it’s important to reserve a spot for the event at least two days ahead of time by calling (574) 772-7323 because attendees will get to enjoy some delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies.