Starke County Health Nurse Encourages Getting Active This Week

It’s National Public Health Week, and with this relatively nice weather bringing us out of the frigid winter, it’s the perfect time to get some exercise and shake off that cooped-up feeling. Starke County Health Nurse Frank Lynch said National Public Health Week is all about public awareness in an effort to get people out of the house and get moving.

“More than anything it’s just a public awareness type of deal,” Lynch said. “You know, to get out and start becoming more active – spring’s here, people should be able to get out and do a little bit more activity outside as opposed to being cooped up in the winter like we have been this winter.”

Lynch said staying active is a great way to improve your health, and this week is a great opportunity to become active and make it a point to get back in shape as summer approaches. He said there are a number of benefits to getting back into shape and improving your health.

“Of course, I mean, better health, you feel better about yourself, you’re able to do more, you’re able to take care of yourself better, less trips to the doctor, the hospital… Less bills it’s causing from going to the doctor and the hospital, I mean, there’s a lot of disease processes, diabetes is one of them, one of the best cures known for it is weight management and exercise,” Lynch said.

This nice weather isn’t expected to last forever, and Lynch encourages everyone to take advantage of the warmth and sunshine.

“Be safe, be healthy, get out, and get some exercise and enjoy the weather while it’s here!” said Lynch.