Town of Culver Hoping to Have Draft of Comprehensive Plan by Fall

culver town hall

The town of Culver is getting ready to kick off their comprehensive plan project with a community meeting at the beach lodge. Town Manager David Schoeff said that on April 22, the town will be holding the meeting in an effort to get some public input and expressed that the comprehensive plan is less focused on what the town council or administration wants to do with the town, but more of how the community feels the town should develop.

Thus far, Schoeff said the town has hired and signed a contract with Houseal-Lavigne of Chicago, a very reputable planning firm, and he’s looking forward to working with them on developing the plan. He said the town has waited until the summer residents of Culver return to get their participation on the comprehensive plan as well, and with April finally here, he’s hoping to get some activity from the community because the comprehensive plan, Schoeff said, is a community document.

The contract with Houseal-Lavigne, according to Schoeff, was established with a not-to-exceed amount of $75,000, and a large portion of those funds have been committed verbally by a lot of local organizations, including environmental groups, the Redevelopment Commission, and other groups that are going to kick in some money to get a focus on where and how Culver should develop.

Schoeff said he’s hoping to have at least a draft of the comprehensive plan put together by fall.