Town of Culver to Host Workshop on Developing Comprehensive Plan

The town of Culver is hosting a community workshop on April 22, the first of several face-to-face community outreach events scheduled throughout the comprehensive planning process. The purpose of this workshop is to allow residents and businesses throughout Culver to make their voice heard regarding what they value most about the community and the issues that they would like to see addressed.

The workshop will begin with a review of the purpose of a comprehensive plan and the process involved in creating it, and will conclude with a workshop on securing local views on problems, issues, and potentials within the Culver community.

Town Manager David Schoeff said the workshop is being held to get public input, because the comprehensive plan is not just something the town government should be worried about; rather, he said it’s a community document and the peoples’ voices should be heard.

“We’re hoping to get community input from everyone within the community in Culver, not just the boundaries but also outside in the immediate area, to get their input on how they see Culver growing, maybe some of the problems they’ve seen in the recent past that maybe keeps Culver from growing so we can identify those and deal with those. It’s really to get that input to start off our comprehensive plan so we can identify the weaknesses as well as the strengths,” said Schoeff.

The comprehensive plan will serve as the official guide for land use, physical improvement and development of the town, providing a foundation for decision-making based on community consensus, vision, existing conditions and future potentials. The plan will serve as a basis for development for 10 to 15 years into the future by helping to guide policy decisions and helping the community to reach its long-term objectives.