Trial for Virgil Noble Continues in Starke Circuit Court

Virgil Noble
Virgil Noble

The trial continues in the Starke Circuit Court for a man charged with rape and sexual battery following an alleged incident in 2010. Virgil Noble is facing those charges after being arrested after an incident involving inappropriate sexual contact with a Hamlet woman. Noble was arrested at his home on Dec. 28, 2010 on an active arrest warrant for the charges.

The court reviewed final instructions with the defense and state and heard objections, but no final decision was made on what final instructions will be read to the jury today, when the trial is expected to come to a close following closing arguments. Both sides are expected to review the final instructions and decide on their recommendations for the court.

Several witnesses were heard, including eight witnesses for the state: officers Jeremiah Patrick and Kelly Fisher; Mr. and Mrs. Bradley; doctors Brown, Taylor, and Mazick; and Jessica Bradley. The defense called Adam Fisher to the stand as a witness before the trial closed for the day.

Noble was on trial previously in this case, but it ended in a mistrial. A new trial was ordered and will be presided over by Special Judge Arthur Christopher Lee from Fulton County.

The trial is expected to come to a close this afternoon.