Walking Challenge Extended to Starke County Residents

Julie Butus
Julie Butus
It’s National Walking Day today! In light of today’s observance, Julie Butus, health and human sciences educator at Purdue Extension in Starke County, is asking you to take part a walking challenge.

“What we want to do it get people up and moving,” said Butus. “We want them to get out and walk, run, jog, and bike and we will have a contest from Memorial Day to Labor Day.”

The challenge is part of an effort with the Moving Starke County Forward Committee, Purdue Extension Starke County and IU Health Starke Hospital to help improve health in Starke County.

You need to sign up by calling Heather Skelly at IU Health Starke Hospital at (574) 772-1272 or call Purdue Extension in Starke County at 772-9141.

“The first 250 people who sign up will receive a pedometer. The pedometers will be handed out on May 18 at Wythogan Park at 10 a.m.,” said Butus.

More information about the program will be given in a meeting on May 18 at 10 a.m. at Wythogan Park in Knox. You will receive information on nutrition, health and how to choose proper shoes for your walking challenge.

Starke County is one of the unhealthiest counties in the state and this is a good way to get you out and moving and give your community a chance to improve this status. Butus says walking is a great way to improve your health.

“Walking is very beneficial in lowering blood pressure, it can help prevent diabetes along with a healthy diet, and several other health issues. It will help you reduce your waistline. It’s great for getting rid of stress. You can do it with no special equipment. It’s just a fun way to get out there,” Butus said.

She encourages you to sign up for any 5K or 3K running or walking events offered during the many festivals in the county. That will count toward your goal.

IU Health Starke Hospital Marketing and Media Representative Ted Hayes said the winner will get a great prize.

“The winner gets three months paid at the Wellness Center at Indiana University Health Starke Hospital,” said Hayes.

He added that several categories will be offered in the walking challenge and Heather Skelly will be keeping track of the progress of all teams.