Walorski Visits Starke County Chamber of Commerce

Congresswoman Jackie Walorski
Congresswoman Jackie Walorski
Congresswoman Jackie Walorski returned to Knox yesterday afternoon to discuss the main issues faced by Starke County in a meeting with the county Chamber of Commerce. Walorski said she wanted to hear from the community about what their main concerns are and what difficulties residents and the county as a whole face, and she said she came away from the meeting with the idea that the county is in need of a highly skilled workforce and a way to turn the county around economically.

Walorski was also asked a number of questions before departing to her next stop. She was asked how she would address the younger generation’s lack of core family values, and said she would like to work with Congress to come up with ways to encourage younger Hoosiers to become employed. She said it’s a concern that the younger generation seems content drawing unemployment and not seeking work, and she said some employers feel that business is competing with the government in that aspect.

Walorski said she is optimistic about some of the goals of Congress and what they can accomplish this summer working together. She explained she is also looking into the issue of the abuse of educational grants and unemployment.

Walorski concluded the meeting saying the American spirit always rises to the occasion and that this is a nation of problem solvers, emphasizing the need for the generations behind us to embrace the true American dream – but to do that, she said, changes will have to be made at the federal level.