West Central School Board Discusses School Resource Officers

West Central School Superintendent Charles Mellon
West Central School Superintendent Charles Mellon
The West Central School Board received an update from Superintendent Charles Mellon about legislation regarding school resource officers.

“It could be an unfunded mandate,” said Mellon. “If the bill is presented in such a way saying that each corporation shall have a resource officer in each building, schools under 1,000 students will receive a $35,000 matching grant to hire this person, or these people.”

Funding the position is the big question.

“That figure is not in the state budget and the other question is even if it is in this budget is it in the following year’s budget and on down the road? Once you create a position such as this and you have it for one year, the community is going to expect it the following year and the full funding is going to have to come locally,” Mellon said.

The board will await the final decision from the legislature before making any decisions.