Bass Lake Beach is Open!

Bass Lake Beach
Bass Lake Beach
It’s Memorial Day weekend and that means the Bass Lake Beach is once again open! The beach officially opened yesterday, just in time for the holiday weekend as people flock to Bass Lake to enjoy the quarter-mile of beach and the campsite just across the road.

Unfortunately, no vendors will be at the beach this weekend. Officials at the Bass Lake Beach indicated that the food and ice cream vendor should be available next week. A weekend entrance pass is $5 per person; weekday passes are $3 and on Wednesdays, visitors can enter for free.

For those of you planning to do some swimming or wading in the lake, bear in mind that zebra mussels have been sighted in the water. This invasive species was first found in the Great Lakes in 1988 and have since then spread to nearby waterways including those in Indiana. Zebra mussels feed by filtering microscopic plant life known as plankton from the water, removing plankton that larval fish need to survive. No larval fish means no larger fish for fishing – both commercially or for recreation.

Zebra mussels attach themselves to hard surfaces, anything from manmade objects to other animals, and are extremely hard to remove. Stepping on or trying to remove a zebra mussel can be extremely painful as they can cut your feet and hands if you’re not careful.

To avoid an injury, wear water shoes when swimming in Bass Lake and watch out for zebra mussels.