Cash for College Initiative Provides “Ask the Expert” Session for FAFSA Help


As part of Learn More Indiana’s annual Cash for College initiative, the organization will provide person-to-person help on Saturday to families and students rushing to make final corrections to their Free Application for Federal Student Aid forms. The financial aid form which qualifies students to receive financial aid from colleges, the state, the federal government and several other sources was due on March 10 but corrections are accepted until May 15, giving applicants time to correct any issues.

Teresa Lubbers, Indiana’s commissioner for higher education, said students miss out on thousands of dollars in financial aid every year because of small mistakes on their FAFSA forms, and she urges families to take advantage of this free opportunity to double-check and correct mistakes on their forms.

An “Ask the Expert” session will take place online and over the phone on Saturday from 2 to 5 p.m. ET. Call 1-800-992-2076 to speak to an expert, or email The experts are also available on Facebook at

The Cash for College initiative aims to provide assistance to families and students by connecting them to resources for paying for college at any age. Learn more about the program at