City of Knox Seeking Grant to Replace Squad Car

Efforts continue for the city of Knox to replace a police cruiser that had been totaled when an officer struck a deer, and Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston is working on getting a grant for the city to help cover the cost of a new squad car. Houston said that because of the per-capita income for the city, they may be eligible for a larger grant than what he had originally anticipated.

A public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, May 28 at 7 p.m. regarding the grant for the patrol car. Following that on the city council agenda is discussion over whether or not to authorize Mayor Rick Chambers to sign for the patrol car grant.

Houston said the council will eventually have to pledge some money out of EDIT funds for their share of the grant, and since they’re looking at around $36,000 for an equipped squad car, the council would likely be responsible for 25-35 percent of that cost. Fortunately, the city has received some money from the insurance company for the totaled police cruiser. That $6900 will go toward covering their share of the grant.

Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston said that if it comes down to it, the city should purchase another Dodge Charger for police use, since most of the department’s vehicles are Chargers and the equipment would be interchangeable in case of an accident.