City of Plymouth May Soon Update Comprehensive Plan

After roughly 10 years without an update, the city of Plymouth may soon be toting a new comprehensive plan – this after the Plymouth Plan Commission heard a final presentation by Jackie Turner of Ratio Architects, who has been working on the plan with local business leaders, citizens, and city officials to develop an update on the plan.

Comprehensive plans are used to guide the city for the future, pushing them in the right direction for development, targeting areas that may need redevelopment and helping the city to plan for growth socially and economically.

Plymouth’s last comprehensive plan was composed in 2003, and the city approached Ratio Architects to discuss updating the plan late last fall. The update would target different areas for development, revive the downtown for the city and improve the city’s gateways.

Studies done for the city of Plymouth showed that the city is quickly dropping in median income and younger adults have been leaving and not returning to the community. One member of the steering committee for the comprehensive plan project said these studies are concerning and is urging members to push the city council and mayor to proceed with updating the plan.

The plan commission will further discuss the plan at their next meeting but the final decision will fall on the shoulders of the Plymouth Common Council.