Cosmetic Improvements Planned for Pulaski County Courthouse


New Pulaski County Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Johnston is sprucing up the historic courthouse. He told commissioners he’s outsourcing repairs to the tile floor on the main level. They approved an expenditure of $1,240 for the work. In addition to fixing parts of the floor, the vendor will also polish the tile. Johnston and his staff plan to refinish the wood floors and banisters on the second story of the courthouse and replace the torn and tattered window shades in many of the offices. He assures commissioners all of the work will adhere to the necessary standards for historic buildings.

Johnston also told the commissioners he’s in the process of assessing all of the county’s buildings and prioritizing necessary repairs. Immediate needs include replacing exterior concrete at the annex building and repairing the roof at the county highway garage. Johnston says his staff will also focus their efforts on beautification of the building exteriors.