District 2 Task Force Tests HVAC Equipment


A few members of the District 2 Task Force were in the Winamac Town Park Wednesday morning to do some testing of HVAC equipment. Sherry Fagner from the Pulaski County Health Department explains that they were trying to remedy the air system.

“We are testing some new HVAC systems and some duct work with the systems we currently have. We try to be prepared when something happens and this is part of our plans to get them to where we want them in the field. Can we go right now? Absolutely. But, we want to make sure the systems we have are the best they can be,” explained Fagner.

Two tents were set up with the generator to test some duct work changes to the HVAC equipment and District 2 Commander Ron Patrick stated that the units are working much better with the changes.

Fagner stated that they are ready to go if a disaster occurs that requires the deployment of the District 2 Task Force. She said they have not been contacted to deploy to Oklahoma.

“A lot of people have asked the same question and if you’ve been watching the news, there are a lot of resources in that part of the country that are already there. It would take us quite some time to actually get there from here. If all of the resources in the country are in one place, there’s nothing left if something else happens,” said Fagner.

One of the main reasons for Wednesday’s set up was to ensure that those tents and ventilator systems will work properly in the event of a disaster.

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