ISP Offers Tips for Memorial Day Travelers

Memorial Day weekend marks the official start of the summer travel season and many Hoosiers are gearing up to take their family out for a pleasant summer vacation. However, there are some situations that can easily ruin a summer getaway, and the Indiana State Police are offering several tips to keep in mind when traveling.

First, avoid carrying large amounts of cash; carry only enough to pay for cabs, shuttle services, and other necessities. Credit and debit cards should not be left lying out where someone can see the number, and keep a copy of the credit card company’s number in a separate place so you can report the card stolen if it goes missing.

When leaving home to travel, let someone know where you’re going, your route, how to contact you and when you expect to return. Stop your mail and newspaper delivery service because a pile of old newspapers are a dead giveaway that you’re out of town. Ideally, have a timer set up to turn lights on in the evening and off around bedtime, and ask a neighbor or relative to check your house daily.

If traveling abroad, check the U.S. Department of State website at and click the “travel” tab to get up-to-date information and tips when traveling outside the United States.

Make sure your car is ready for your trip; get the oil changed, check your tires, fluid levels, belts, and other critical parts, and carry tools such as wrenches, a breaker bar, flashlight, and other such items. It’s also a good idea to obtain a AAA membership or other roadside assistance package. Make frequent rest stops and keep your cell phone charged – it wouldn’t be a bad idea to carry a car charger for your cell phone as well.

If you take prescription medication, ensure you have an adequate supply and some extra in case you are unexpectedly detained for a few days. Bring the prescription bottle as well – possessing a prescription drug without the prescription with you is a felony. Also, make sure your health insurance cards are current and bring them with you.