Judge Rejects Plea Agreement in Case of Connie Miller


The recommended plea agreement in the case of Connie Miller was rejected by Special Judge Jerome Frese in St. Joseph County Court Monday morning.

The recommendation was that Miller plead guilty to three counts of Theft which would be served concurrently. Those sentences would then be suspended to be served on probation with one year of home detention through Starke County Community Corrections. The restitution amount would be $52,044 as a settlement between Miller and the Attorney General’s Office.

Judge Frese said he would not accept less than six years in a plea agreement in this case. Judge Frese said because she took personal control over public funds, he would not accept a plea agreement that is less than six years.

Judge Frese questioned Connie Miller’s ability to pay the restitution involved.  He also noted that Miller had served in the elected capacity of Clerk-Treasurer for the Town of North Judson for a total of eight years and this case found the abuse of mishandling funds during her last two years in office which was from Jan. 1, 2010 through Dec. 31, 2011. A total of over $74,000 was allegedly taken.

A civil suit has also been filed against Miller.

Judge Frese did not dispute the restitution amount, only the amount of time to be served.

Special Prosecutor Michael Krebes from Howard County and Defense Attorney Todd Wallsmith will be negotiating another plea agreement which will be presented in a hearing June 7 at 10 a.m. ET in St. Joseph County Court.