Keep Pets Safe in Hot Weather


Dog owners are reminded not to let the warm weather take a tragic turn by leaving four-legged friends in the car with the windows rolled up. Temperatures inside a car can spike quickly, even if it’s parked in the shade. On a 78-degree day it feels like 90 degrees inside a car, and dogs can quickly overheat. Experts say even 60-degree days can get too warm for animals to be shut inside a car for very long. They advise against rolling windows down, because animals can escape and owners may be liable if they bite someone. Leaving the air conditioning running is discouraged because it can possibly fail or shut off and lead to a preventable tragedy. If you do take them along, bring plenty of water in a dish for them and don’t leave them alone for more than 15 minutes at a time. Also be sure any outdoor pets have adequate shade and plenty of fresh drinking water, and bring them inside when temperatures get too warm.