Kersting’s Cycle Center Receives $1085 Grant for Efficient Lighting

Kersting’s Cycle Center, like most other businesses throughout the country, is looking for ways to cut down on costs. Thanks to Kankakee Valley REMC, Jason Kersting learned about the Power Moves program offered by Wabash Valley Power which provides cash incentives to commercial and industrial facilities that replace older, less-efficient lighting and other devices with higher-efficiency equipment.

Kersting’s learned they could reduce the amount of electricity they use while improving lighting on their displays by replacing 115 incandescent spotlight bulbs with 13-watt LED spot lamps and swapping out another 25 standard incandescent bulbs with fluorescent lights. Even better, doing so would qualify Kersting’s to receive a $1085 Power Moves rebate.

Kersting said the rebate allowed the family to upgrade the lighting faster than they would have otherwise been able to. He said without it, they would have had to wait until they could afford the equipment themselves. KVREMC was vital in the process, helping Kersting’s with all the paperwork, and Kersting said there was no inconvenience involved in the process.

Kankakee Valley REMC CEO Dennis Weiss said KVREMC is happy to help customers like Kersting’s save energy and lower their costs because it not only helps to protect the environment but it allows them to buy less power from their suppliers.

To learn more about Power Moves incentives and the other ways in which Kankakee Valley REMC helps members become more energy-efficient, call 1-800-552-2622 or log on to for more information.