Knox City Council to Proceed with Squad Car Grant Application


The Knox City Council this week held a public hearing in order to continue with the grant application process for a new city police squad car after a police vehicle was totaled after striking a deer. Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston explained that the city has applied for the grant and they are eagerly awaiting the response; however, no grant funds are available until next year, but Houston said he remains hopeful that money will become available.

The total cost of the patrol car has been estimated around $36,000, and Houston said that if the city receives a grant to cover 55 percent of the cost, the city will only be responsible for covering $16,200 from EDIT funds. He said that the city could also be eligible for a larger grant because of the per-capita income in the city – up to 75 percent.

No public comment was heard, and the council approved a motion to authorize Mayor Rick Chambers to proceed with the grant application.

Houston said that if it comes down to it, the city should purchase another Dodge Charger for police use, since most of the department’s vehicles are Chargers and the equipment would be interchangeable in case of an accident.