Law Tightened Regarding Synthetic Drugs

Indiana Governor Mike Pence
Indiana Governor Mike Pence
The law is once again being tightened regarding dangerous synthetic drugs, this time closing a critical loophole in the state’s previous ban by illegalizing the possession of or dealing in “look-alike” synthetic drugs. State Senator Jim Merritt’s legislation, Senate Enrolled Act 536, was signed into law this month by Governor Mike Pence and Merritt said he is glad to see the legislation passed as it was one of his top priorities this session.

The previous ban identified synthetic drugs based on their chemical makeup, but because of the nature of the lab-created drugs, Merritt said it was easy for drug manufacturers to alter their ingredients just the slightest bit and evade the law. The passing of SEA 536, however, protects young Hoosiers from these dangerous substances that slip through the cracks.

Merritt said in a press release that he is grateful for the dedication of law enforcement, state and local officials and community members who continue to fight for safer streets in the state.

Representatives of the Indiana State Police, Indiana’s Attorney General office, and the Indiana Prosecuting Attorney Council joined Merritt for the ceremonial signing of SEA 536 to show their strong support for the ban which takes effect immediately.