Long Beach Manager Thanks District 2 Task Force

During the recent Marshall County Commissioners meeting, Marshall County Commissioner Deb Griewank read aloud a letter presented to the District 2 Task Force from the Long Beach, N.Y. area.

The letter was written by the City Manager of Long Beach Jack Schnirman in which he thanked the immediate response of Indiana’s District 2 Task Force in their time of need after Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc in that area. Members of the Incident Management team set up camp and helped coordinate emergency efforts in stabilizing the conditions in the city.

The storm occurred in October of 2012 and firefighters, law enforcement, emergency managers, and health department representatives from District 2 were called to duty to provide aide.

After the letter was read, all of the commissioners extended their gratitude to the many men and women involved in the District 2 Task Force and those who attended the meeting also applauded their efforts.

The District 2 Task Force includes emergency personnel from Starke, Pulaski, Fulton, Marshall, and St. Joseph counties.